Splicing and Breaking Fruit and Vegetable Brake Case 300 is a sturdy body made of anodised, high-strength alloy.

The casing is a hygienic bracket, and the material is not attached to the slider body, machine shredders and machine physics sliders are recommended for industrial environments. The 300-stroke trimmer has 5 slide slides in a variety of models. It has a very sturdy body and industrial blades. Fruit and vegetables are suitable for slices of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and potato peelings are also considered, and in industrial kitchens for slices and crushing and potato peeling from this Slider is used.

Body Material: Aluminum alloy

Dimensions: 54 * 27 * 54 cm

Blade number: 5 pcs

Power of 550 watts

Crushing capacity: 300 km / h