Thermocouple Dorm Stove

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Thermocouple Dorm Stove

  1. Standard scroll with grid A
  2. Stainless steel gas pipeline
  3. Engineering design  A piece of the page
  4. Engineering design of flame cup
  5. Fixed flame (inseparable)
  6. The flame guard is resistant and rustproof
  7. Completely made of Profile and Sheet Steel (304)
  8. Equipped with the finest type of lactic mucosal (standard)
  9. In sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 flames
  10. Reservoir and Hot Strips Contact with Rice Water Enhances metal layers in the vicinity of the flame for greater strength.


  • Full safety
  • Ease of washing and cleaning
  • Fire prevention pipes
  • Flame stability within two seconds
  • All parts have 3 years warranty
  • The absence of seams to prevent the penetration of fat
  • Hinged and fixed flame guard (indelible from oven)
  • Different dimensions suitable for small, medium and large student dormitory stoves