Onion Puree

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Onion Puree

  1. Steel guard on the onion entrance
  2. The ability to drip approximately 70% of onion water
  3. Bonnie Marie for collecting onion bulbs
  4. Nutrition ability 250 kg per hour
  5. It has two separate outputs for onion and onion juice
  6. Blades of stainless steel and hard chrome finish
  7. Has a large tray on the machine to accumulate onions
  8. Made of stainless steel 304 and aluminum (stainless steel)
  9. Possibility to disassemble the machine parts for ease of washing



  • Operator safety
  • Health principles
  • More resistance to onion acid
  • Reduce electricity, energy, environmental cleanup
  • Reduce the time and waste of other devices (meat grinder, etc.)
  • Reduce the cost of repairing other devices (meat grinder, etc.)