Trolley Carrying Hospital Tray


Trolley Carrying Hospital Tray

  1. Capacity 45 and 33 trays
  2. Has washers around the door
  3. Equipped with 2 high quality radiator stations
  4. Equipped with 3 doors with 3 separate compartments
  5. Double glazed with 5 cm thermal insulation
  6. Made of stainless steel sheet (304)
  7. Wheels made of Polyurethane, Reinforced (16)
  8. There is a shelf 5 cm above the troll to carry us and bread and all kinds of salads
  9. Equipped with a digital thermostat for adjusting, fixing and displaying the temperature and fan for hot air circulation




  • Avoid wasting temperature
  • Maintain the heat at standard temperature ˚c65 in each section
  • Capability to keep all types of containers in the lattice floor model
  • Ease of movement in stone and asphalt surfaces and in a humid environment
  • Productive design 33 trays for shifting by lady operator (easy to carry)
  • The presence of an emergency spare element for maintaining trowel temperature at the time of cutting the first element
  • Capable of up to 2 hours of storage and a capacity of 45 trays with a separate hot air capability