Warm House Warm and Humid


Gas heater

  1. Three crust
  2. Brenner tube 35 cm
  3. Connectivity to urban water and gas
  4. Equipped with thermal insulation with a diameter of 5 cm
  5. Equipped degrees and the temperature inside the oven indicator
  6. Maintaining the temperature of all baked foods for a long time
  7. Made of sheet and steel profile ( 304)
  8. Has a hot and humid environment and temperatures above 100 degrees
  9. Capacity of 12 drops of bin Mari depth of 20 cm
  10. A hot gas layer (the first layer) and thermal insulation with a thickness of 5 cm (second layer)



  • All Automat
  • Need less space
  • Easy to use
  • Less heat around
  • Unbreakfastness of rice when served
  • Full fuel (non-combustible gas)
  • To prevent burns and less gas consumption
  • Less gas consumption than stoves and boilers