200 liters of boiling water

Boiling water generator

  1. Equipped with Gas Disconnect Sensor
  2. Equipped with thermocouple and lighters
  3. Equipped with water filter (deposition)
  4. Body and chassis are fully stainless steel ( 304 )
  5. Connect to urban water and recharge water tank automatic
  6. Equipped with thermostat for controlling and displaying water temperature
  7. Equipped with 2 tap and drain valve, sediment and washer
  8. Engineering design of the device with the ability to assemble in service time
  9. Double-walled with 5 cm of heat insulation (to prevent waste of energy)
  10. Reservoir and Hot Strips Contact with Rice Water Enhances metal layers in the vicinity of the flame for greater strength.


  • Increased safety
  • The presence of ventilation
  • Prevent the perforation of the source
  • Capable of customizing from 50 to 1000 liters
  • Reach the boiling point in less than an hour
  • Inner brass sheet to prolong the useful life of the device